The Whostorian – Episode 82: Stylin’ Steve’s Deep Breath

Season 5 Episode 2. *WARNING! Here there be spoilers! WARNING* That’s right, Steve just watched Deep Breath and it’s time to let Shannon off the tenderhooks of wondering what he thinks of Doctor Number 12 (Stuff it Moffatt, he’s 12th)

The Whostorian – Episode 81: Curse of the Dimensions

Season 5 Episode 1.

*Warning! Cursing ahead!*

It’s time, it’s finally time, after much cajoling and joking around, Stylin’ Steve and Shannon do a review of Dimensions in Time. They also cover the usual Motes of News and do a review of the Big Finish Audio; The Revenants before unleashing hell… I mean discussing Dimensions in Time.