The Whostorian: Episode 146 – BOO-Storian Halloween Special

First Annual BOO-Storian Halloween Special 2017′. The boys are back for a SCARY fun time! Steve brings a never-before-heard, true-life ghost story! Shannon brings tales of Halloween adventures in Manhattan! Jon Pertwee fights ‘The Ghosts Of N Space’! K9 discovers ‘Fear Itself’! Featuring the voice talents of Kenton Hall (‘A Dozen Summers’), paranormal podcast expert Jim Harold (‘Jim Harold’s Campfire’), Benny Michaels (‘Podcheese’ Podcast), and with a special dramatic reading of Edgar Allan Poe from Emmy-winning actor Bill Oberst Jr. (‘Werewolf Rising’), this CREEPY, EERIE, oversized episode is sure to delight! Happy Halloween from The Whostorian!