The Whostorian: Episode 160 – 2nd Annual BOO-Storian Special

It’s creepy! It’s crawly! It’s coming from the depths of space itself! It’s….the second annual BOOOO-STORIAN!

YES, you read that right! The leaves are turning as bright orange as the skies of Gallifrey! The chill is upon the wind…fall is returning, and with it…HALLOWEEN!

This year’s features…

Full reviews of Series 11 Episode 2: The Ghost Monument and Episode 3: Rosa

Full review of Titan Comics ‘The Many Lives Of Doctor Who’.

The podcast duo enter into a fall brawl! They will compete head to head in Looney Lab’s Doctor Who card game Doctor Who Fluxx!

This episode was streamed live on Twitch so there are visual references left in. Keep an eye out for announcements of future video broadcasts.