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The Whostorian: Episode 137 – The Conversation Continues

Stylin’ Steve is back and he’s got a new friend joining him in his TARDIS. Katherine Gallant has signed up and taken the leap from guest host to cohost. They have a general timey-wimey conversation covering many aspects of the Whoniverse including speculation about the Christmas episode and the spin off series Class.

The Whostorian: Episode 136 – A Dozen Summers and Five Years

This is it. Shannon’s last hurrah. After 136 episodes over five years, life has changed and it’s time for Shannon to step away from The Whostorian.

The show will go on, Steve’s getting a new cohost.

But before Shannon leaves, he sits down for one last interview. Kenton Hall, writer, director of A Dozen Summers talks about his wonderful movie and his Whovian heart.

The Whostorian: Episode 135 – Captain Jack Attack

Shannon and Steve go all black and white and grainy over Power Of The Daleks animated episode, find themselves in the Mirror Universe by defending Moffatt, review Titan Conics and Candy Jar Books, and transform and roll out with Atlanticon updates.

Episode 134 – Ladies And Gentlemen, Please Welcome The Moffatts!

The boys are back! This week, we discuss Big Finish’s ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Judoon In Chains’, kinda sorta speculate about ‘Class’, find something to get bitter about with Matt Lucas, and wax poetic about thrift stores.

The Whostorian: Episode 133 – Biting into our 5th Anniversary!

Five years in the making! 133 Episodes, 14 Guest Hosts, 6 Interviews, 3 different recording setups, 2 Hardcore Whovians, 1 Incredible Podcast.

Stylin’ Steve and Shannon sit down to reflect on five years of podcasting, the highs, the lows, the Moffatt hate… Shannon also gives a review of Big Finish’s Dracula, there’s some Motes of News and just general randomness. Why not be random, after all that’s how this all started.