Welcome to the Whostorian podcast. Join Stylin' Steve and Katherine each week as they explore the Whoniverse and offers their own thoughts, opinions and general knowledge about all things Doctor Who.

Originally a Doctor Who Fanzine based in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. The publications final Editor, Shannon Lush, partnered with longtime Whovian Steve Lake to bring their own thoughts and ideas about the Whoniverse to the Internet.

In July of 2011 they started a conversation that evolved into episodes covering anything and everything that either one could think of, including episode reviews and an unofficial/official drinking game.

As of July 2012, under Steve's guidance, The Whostorian has continued to evolve, having added both a video review section and a witten blog.

As of September 2016, Shannon decided to move on to another adventure and Steve is now joined by his friend and fellow Whovian, Katherine Gallant.

Where will it all go from here? In Steve's words: "Who knows?"

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