Episode 38 - Crises On Infinite Whoniverses

Season 2 Episode 8. Shannon & Steve delve into reviews of The Key To Time season, the never-made ORIGINAL season 23 (that had nothing to DO with the Trial!), the never made Tom Baker movie, the never made Leonard Nimoy-directed movie (yes, THAT Nimoy!), the IDW Comics Doctor Who/Star Trek title, and a little something called"The Dark Dimension."

Episode 37 - Nitro 9 & Gordon Bennett

Season 2 Episode 7. This week we talk about Ace, Producer Graham Williams, Newfoundland's Own, Last Minute Productions and we take a look at An Earthly Child. In the Death Zone we find K9 Mark II Vs. Chameleon

Episode 36 - Galifrey Eternal

Season 2 Episode 6. This week we talk about Jamie, Producer Philip Hinchcliffe, The KLF's Doctorin' The TARDIS and we take a look at Timelash. In the Death Zone we find The Raston Warrior Robot Vs. A Weeping Angel

Episode 35 - Continuing Our Ultimate Adventure

Season 2 Episode 5. This week we talk about Melanie Bush, Producer Peter Bryant, The Ultimate Adventure stage play and we take a look at Black Orchid. In the Death Zone we find The Destroyer of Worlds Vs. The Krynoid

Episode 34 - At a Meglos for a witty title…

Season 2 Episode 4. This week we talk about Ian and Barbara, Producer Derrick Sherwin, John & Gillian (The Doctors grandchildren) & Meglos. The Death Zone has the K1 Robot vs. Sabalom Glitz and we end with (please forgive us) a little Doctor In Distress.

Episode 33 - Two Tickets To Paradise (Towers)

This is Season 2 Episode 3. This week the Companion Randomizer finds Zoe, then the guys talk about producer Innes Lloyd, Doctor Who Unbound, they give a review of Paradise Towers and this week in the Death Zone it's Shockeye Vs. The Kandy Man.

Episode 32 - Honey, I Shrunk The Timelord!

Season 2 Episode 2. This week The Companion Randomizer dredges up Adric, Steve & Shannon talk about Verity Lambert and Bernice Summerfield. We take a look at the Episode: Planet of Giants and unveil a new segment; The Death Zone.

Episode 31 - England & Daak again.

It's Season 2 Episode 1. In this episode, Steve recounts his experiences at the SFX Weekender, The Whostorian Drinking Game gets more rules, The Companion Randomizer lands on Vislor Turlough and the guys talk about Abslom Daak ... Dalek Killer.

Episode 30 - Best Of The Best Of The Best

It's Episode 30, a decent milestone.  Shannon & Steve decided to mark the occasion by picking out what they think are some of the best aspects of Doctor Who.

*Regrettably at this point The Whostorian has to take a break. Some potential medical concerns have come to the forefront, we hope nothing serious.  We'll be back before you know it.*

Episode 29 - The Special’s Special

For Episode 29 we thought we'd look a little more at the expanded whoniverse.  We're looking at some of the specials that have happened over the course of the last 40 odd years and offering some comments on what we thought of the ones that we've seen.

Episode 27 - A Whoniverse Christmas

Merry Christmas from The Whostorian.  What better way to celebrate the spirit of the season than by reviewing a Doctor Who Christmas special. But we're saving our review of The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe for our first episode of the new year. So here is our review of The Next Doctor.

Episode 26 - Gone to the Tin Dogs

It's the Christmas Season! So for episode 26 Steve & Shannon thought it would be nice to take a look at a Whovian Christmas Classic; K-9 & Company - A Girl's Best Friend... yeah we're not sure what we were thinking either...

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