The Whostorian: Episode 160 – 2nd Annual BOO-Storian Special

It’s creepy! It’s crawly! It’s coming from the depths of space itself! It’s….the second annual BOOOO-STORIAN!

YES, you read that right! The leaves are turning as bright orange as the skies of Gallifrey! The chill is upon the wind…fall is returning, and with it…HALLOWEEN!

This year’s features…

Full reviews of Series 11 Episode 2: The Ghost Monument and Episode 3: Rosa

Full review of Titan Comics ‘The Many Lives Of Doctor Who’.

The podcast duo enter into a fall brawl! They will compete head to head in Looney Lab’s Doctor Who card game Doctor Who Fluxx!

This episode was streamed live on Twitch so there are visual references left in. Keep an eye out for announcements of future video broadcasts.

The Whostorian: Episode 159 – Movies For Whovians Who Like Movies!

Shannon and Steve return to review The Woman Who Fell To Earth, and detail their Cineplex theatre experience. The Diary Of River Song Volume 3 and Titan’s Many Lives Of Doctor Who are touched upon. Fat Apollo gets sick! Ritchie shoots moose! Paul Cornell smacks Twitter trolls! Shannon and Steve actually agree on stuff..! Wait..what??

The Whostorian: Episode 158 – Endless Tin Dog

We blathered on about Jodie Whittaker and the pre-publicity phase we are currently enjoying, as we anticipate the debut of Series 11. We discuss the latest news surrounding the NEW K9 TV Series, while also reviewing Episodes 10-15 of the 2010 series.

We give our usual props to Heroes & Hobbies, Steve meets Mick Foley, Shannon takes issue with BBC recycling old taglines for new material!

Enjoy our return! Enjoy the return of the show we all love! This is THE best time to be a Whovian!

The Whostorian: Episode 157 – Reversing The Polarity: The Jon Pertwee Birthday Special

Celebrating the life and career of the Third Doctor actor, born on July 7th. The Prisoner Of Peladon Big Finish Companion Chronicle. Wartime, spin-off feature film featuring UNIT Family member Sargent Benton (Ian Levine). The Spear Of Destiny 50th Anniversary E-Shorts Story.

The Whostorian: Episode 155 – Explosion in a rainbow factory: The Colin Baker birthday special

We celebrate Shannon’s favourite Timelord, born June 8th, with a collection of goodies! Something Borrowed, a 50th Anniversary E-Shorts Story, Slipback, a BBC Audio Drama and Soul’s Ark a small-budget horror/SF film starring Baker, Wendy Padbury and Carole Ann Ford.

The Whostorian: Episode 153 – Tenth Doctor Special

Celebrating David Tennant Reviews: Revenge Of The Judoon BBC Quick-Reads. Infamy Of The Zaross, from Tenth Doctor Adventures, Volume 2 Big Finish box-set. Silver Scream, Parts 1&2 from IDW Publishing Tenth Doctor ongoing comic series. The Wedding Of Sarah Jane TV episode from The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The Whostorian: Episode 152 – Peter Davison Birthday Bash!

Shannon and Steve solve the mystery of the Cyberman photo while watching Peter Davison’s mystery series Campion. Steve reveals Nyssa is the apple of his eye as The Darkening Eye is reviewed. Impending deadlines loom on the novel Cold Fusion. Shannon finds his own zero room in a local comic store. Steve meets Paul Weston and the mind probe wipes him out.

The Whostorian: Episode 151 – Chewing The Airzone-y Solution Scenery!

Stylin’ Steve and Shannon puzzle over Eccleston over-sharing his reasons in ditching Doctor Who. The #WalkTheDogTour continues on it’s meandering way, as Episode 8 Jaws Of Orthrus brings them K9 versus…K9! Episode 9 The Dream Eaters causes Steve to re-live his fear of clowns! Then, the main event: an in-depth conversation on the merits, pitfalls, season-appropriate Easter Eggs and general exploitative pandering to Whovians that is…The Airzone Solution!

From the deepest, darkest years of The Hiatus comes this 30th Anniversary multi-Doctor team-up direct-to-video tale that is anything but! Jon Pertwee is still a dandy! Peter Davison got the munchies! Sylvester McCoy is a nut! Colin Baker…shares a bed with Nicola Bryant! It’s Doctor Who with no TARDIS, no budget and like Snickers, it really satisfies! Tales of tape trading and Shannon has a trans-atlantic spat with the director! Brief updates on the upcoming Sci-Fi On The Rock and Avalon Expo fan conventions. Happy Easter to all the fans near and far!