The Whostorian – Episode 87: Teller? I hardly know ‘er

Season 5 Episode 7: Stylin’ Steve and Shannon start off with some mild banter, including talking about Steve’s upcoming road trip and a possible bonus episode this week. Shannon reviews the Big Finish Audio; The Sword of Orion and then they get down to the Motes of News followed by a detailed review of the episode; Time Heist.

The Whostorian – Episode 86: Listen, it’s not the end of the Universe.

Season 5 Episode 6: Stylin’ Steve and Shannon return to the beautiful city of Mt. Pearl to record in Shannon’s new apartment, The Leisure Hive 2.0. After some witty banter, they settle in for the Motes of News and then get down to looking at the details of the episode; Listen.

The Whostorian – Episode 85: The Arrow That Missed It’s Mark

Season 5 Episode 5: Stylin’ Steve and Shannon are back for an unfortunately abridged episode this week. After some internet issues they talk about some sad news and then give their thoughts on the Robot of Sherwood, wherein Steve is not a merry man.