The Whostorian – Episode 90: 66 Seconds for Steve’s Recap

Season 5 Episode 10: This week our intrepid TARDIS Team dive right into the Motes of News to discuss the new partnership between the BBC and AMC. After that, Finally! Steve read the 10th & 11th Doctor’s Titan Comics and then the guys take more than 66 seconds to talk about Mummy On The Orient Express.

The Whostorian – Episode 89: Twilight Eyes at Abbyshot

Season 5 Episode 9: Stylin’ Steve and Shannon take the mobile studio to Abbyshot Clothiers in Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland to talk to Brent Thomas about Abbyshot’s wonderful clothing and accessories, his Whovian roots and they even find time for a review of the episode; Kill The Moon.

The Whostorian – Episode 88: Space Dad

Season 5 Episode 8: Stylin’ Steve and Shannon banter about a host of things, including Steve’s Road Trip, what a “Screech In” is, and some Colin Baker gushing. They follow that with the Motes of News, followed by a detailed review of the episode; The Caretaker.