The Whostorian: Episode 148 – Friction With The Fiction

In their special salute to the Peter Capaldi Era, Shannon and Stylin’ Steve overcome ice storms, power failures, and illness to come together and review the first 9 issues of Titan Comic’s Twelfth Doctor comic series, the BBC Books novel Silhouette, and the 2017 Christmas Special.

Featuring blistering rants on the anti-Jodies! A loving reminiscence of the local bookstore where it all started! Cheering for the dying days of Steven Moffatt’s producership! Praise for the craftsmanship of local nerd businesses! Speculations over the Candy Jar Books Brigadier authorship controversy!

And finally…a look at the days ahead for the podcast, sailing through uncharted waters of no new TV adventures. Join us for the first episode of 2018!