Episode 168: We Are All Stories In The End

Shannon embarks on a difficult review of 2020. A year of monumental challenges personally and professionally for both hosts. He remembers CBC TV sports anchor (and Steve’s father) Carl Lake, Jeremy Bulloch of Star Wars Boba Fett fame, and Newfoundland local comic shop owner and passionate fan of all things good and geek, Jason Conway. All passed in this year, and all had an impact on this podcast and the host’s lives in many ways, small and large. While some topics pertaining to Doctor Who (such as Christopher Eccleston’s recent bizarre response to returning to the role on TV while promoting a return in audio form!), are covered, this podcast primarily is meant to be a tribute and outpouring of love and support to the families and friends who lost their loved ones. Stay safe during Covid, please. Thank you for your support, and we will return when you least expect it. Wishing all positive mental health and a much better 2021. 


Adam Peddle and Adam Lambert, for supplying tributes to Jason.

Heidi Edgar of Canadian Mental Health Association for invaluable light in the dark.

Steve Lake, for his technical assistance on producing this podcast under difficult circumstances.


Doctor Who News obituary/career retrospective of Jeremy Bulloch: 


Vintage clip from December 12, 1978 of Steve’s dad co-anchoring Here And Now CBC TV news, courtesy of RetroRewindNL: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJikqlpfN-I

The official Downtown Comics group, with 900+ and counting tributes to Jason Conway: 


The website to learn more and support the efforts of mental health initiatives in Newfoundland:


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