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The Whostorian: Episode 141 – Broadchurch & Broadly Covering Many Things

Stylin’ Steve and Shannon sit down to talk about the impending realization of Shannon’s boyhood dream of meeting Colin Baker. They talk about Broadchurch and a host of British television, Shannon’s pending meeting of Colin Baker. They start the #walkthedog tour by reviewing K9 Episode 1 – Regeneration, and oh yeah, Shannon’s going to meet Colin Baker.

The Whostorian: Episode 137 – The Conversation Continues

Stylin’ Steve is back and he’s got a new friend joining him in his TARDIS. Katherine Gallant has signed up and taken the leap from guest host to cohost. They have a general timey-wimey conversation covering many aspects of the Whoniverse including speculation about the Christmas episode and the spin off series Class.

The Whostorian: Episode 136 – A Dozen Summers and Five Years

This is it. Shannon’s last hurrah. After 136 episodes over five years, life has changed and it’s time for Shannon to step away from The Whostorian.

The show will go on, Steve’s getting a new cohost.

But before Shannon leaves, he sits down for one last interview. Kenton Hall, writer, director of A Dozen Summers talks about his wonderful movie and his Whovian heart.