The Whostorian: Episode 153 – Tenth Doctor Special

Celebrating David Tennant Reviews: Revenge Of The Judoon BBC Quick-Reads. Infamy Of The Zaross, from Tenth Doctor Adventures, Volume 2 Big Finish box-set. Silver Scream, Parts 1&2 from IDW Publishing Tenth Doctor ongoing comic series. The Wedding Of Sarah Jane TV episode from The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The Whostorian: Episode 152 – Peter Davison Birthday Bash!

Shannon and Steve solve the mystery of the Cyberman photo while watching Peter Davison’s mystery series Campion. Steve reveals Nyssa is the apple of his eye as The Darkening Eye is reviewed. Impending deadlines loom on the novel Cold Fusion. Shannon finds his own zero room in a local comic store. Steve meets Paul Weston and the mind probe wipes him out.

The Whostorian: Episode 151 – Chewing The Airzone-y Solution Scenery!

Stylin’ Steve and Shannon puzzle over Eccleston over-sharing his reasons in ditching Doctor Who. The #WalkTheDogTour continues on it’s meandering way, as Episode 8 Jaws Of Orthrus brings them K9 versus…K9! Episode 9 The Dream Eaters causes Steve to re-live his fear of clowns! Then, the main event: an in-depth conversation on the merits, pitfalls, season-appropriate Easter Eggs and general exploitative pandering to Whovians that is…The Airzone Solution!

From the deepest, darkest years of The Hiatus comes this 30th Anniversary multi-Doctor team-up direct-to-video tale that is anything but! Jon Pertwee is still a dandy! Peter Davison got the munchies! Sylvester McCoy is a nut! Colin Baker…shares a bed with Nicola Bryant! It’s Doctor Who with no TARDIS, no budget and like Snickers, it really satisfies! Tales of tape trading and Shannon has a trans-atlantic spat with the director! Brief updates on the upcoming Sci-Fi On The Rock and Avalon Expo fan conventions. Happy Easter to all the fans near and far!

The Whostorian: Episode 150 – CYBER-MARCH To Celebration

Shannon and Steve return once more to mark their 150th podcast episode by reviewing the 150th TV episode, Silver Nemesis. Also celebrated friend of the show Fat Apollo’s birthday! St Patrick’s Day! The countdown to Sci-Fi On The Rock 12! The eternal 6th versus 7th Doctor debate! And a submission from script editor Andrew Cartmel.

The Whostorian: Episode 149 – Star Wars (Not The Holiday) Special

Our latest episode will be proof, three are better than two! Our friend Kenny Murrin returns to join us as we chat about the new logo, more of our reactions to Jodie Whittaker and fan reaction to a female Doctor. Steve reveals his interactions with Chewbacca, Boba Fett looks for icebergs, Shannon has a security blanket, Kenny stumps an NHL general manager, and the trio all discuss current and past ‘Star Wars’ favourite characters. All that, and a review of ‘I Am Your Father’ featuring David Prowse.

It’s the ‘Star Wars (Not The Holiday) Special’! With three, three, three times the fun. As we ponder our massive 150th episode, sit back and enjoy this nearly 2 hour show!

The Whostorian: Episode 148 – Friction With The Fiction

In their special salute to the Peter Capaldi Era, Shannon and Stylin’ Steve overcome ice storms, power failures, and illness to come together and review the first 9 issues of Titan Comic’s Twelfth Doctor comic series, the BBC Books novel Silhouette, and the 2017 Christmas Special.

Featuring blistering rants on the anti-Jodies! A loving reminiscence of the local bookstore where it all started! Cheering for the dying days of Steven Moffatt’s producership! Praise for the craftsmanship of local nerd businesses! Speculations over the Candy Jar Books Brigadier authorship controversy!

And finally…a look at the days ahead for the podcast, sailing through uncharted waters of no new TV adventures. Join us for the first episode of 2018!

The Whostorian: Episode 147 – Happy Shada-versary Doctor Who

Stylin Steve and Shannon find themselves imprisoned in the infamous Timelord prison planet known as..SHADDAA!! While there they review the several different versions of the ‘lost classic’ story in anticipation of the latest BBC DVD/Blu Ray. They marvel at Disco Skagra, praise K9 (first time for everything!), give their reaction to Jodie Whittaker’s initial costume..and decide one lump or two…tea? Happy Birthday to Doctor Who and Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends.

The Whostorian: Episode 146 – BOO-Storian Halloween Special

First Annual BOO-Storian Halloween Special 2017′. The boys are back for a SCARY fun time! Steve brings a never-before-heard, true-life ghost story! Shannon brings tales of Halloween adventures in Manhattan! Jon Pertwee fights ‘The Ghosts Of N Space’! K9 discovers ‘Fear Itself’! Featuring the voice talents of Kenton Hall (‘A Dozen Summers’), paranormal podcast expert Jim Harold (‘Jim Harold’s Campfire’), Benny Michaels (‘Podcheese’ Podcast), and with a special dramatic reading of Edgar Allan Poe from Emmy-winning actor Bill Oberst Jr. (‘Werewolf Rising’), this CREEPY, EERIE, oversized episode is sure to delight! Happy Halloween from The Whostorian!