The Whostorian: Episode 111 – Goodness Me There Are Four Years Now!

Stylin’ Steve & Shannon have returned from the ether once more to celebrate 4 years of The Whostorian Podcast. July 6th, 2011 was the debut and 4 years later, the conversation is still going. Thanks to everyone who has joined us along the way, here’s to many more years and here’s our rambling, ongoing, Doctor Who conversation.

The Whostorian: Episode 110 – Gallifreyan Dream

We’re back again and this week we’re lamenting the passing of two great men, Sir Christopher Lee and The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. In addition there’s the Motes of News and a quick review of the Star Trek Continues episode White Iris, which guest stars Colin Baker!

The Whostorian – Episode 106: Whostorian on the Rock Part 1

It’s the Whostorian After Dark. Shannon & Steve are at Sci-Fi On The Rock getting their collective geek on. This episode they are joined by Jeff Keeping from Sunday Night Geek and one of Halifax’s most famous exports, Fat Apollo. It’s live, it’s uncensored and it’s totally random fun.

The Whostorian – Episode 105: Pros & Cons

In the lead up to Sci-Fi On The Rock, Shannon & Steve can hardly contain their excitement at meeting Frazer Hines. They talk about other festivals and expos here in Newfoundland, Canada and then talk about the brilliance of Davros mixed with the usual Moffatt hate. Enjoy!